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About Us

A little about us........

50 Cars are a long established provider in West Hull and one of the oldest providers in Hull. In 2013 we merged with Belmont Taxis, partnering the two oldest established firms in Hull. We take our customer needs and views seriously and work closely with them to provide the best service possible. Over the past year we have been working hard with our drivers to train them in First Aid, Manual Handling, COSHH, Infection Control, and NVQ in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving. All of our vehicles are clean, modern and well maintained for your comfort.

Our Community........

We feel it is important to try and put something back into our community and feel proud that, with the help of the drivers, we have held numerous events to raise money for the love you 2 appeal at Dove House Hospice. This charity is close to our hearts. We were honoured earlier this year to receive an award from the hospice for our fundraising efforts. Visit www.loveyou2appeal.co.uk  for more information.  This year we have also sponsored West Hull Rugby League Club and we are a Hull City AFC Business Affiliate.

link to http://www.loveyou2appeal.co.uk/ - opens in a new window

How We Work........

Our telephonists are fully trained with a great local knowledge of Hull and are pleasant and helpful at all times. They will work with you to make sure your needs are catered for. Our staff are trained to be honest with the customer at all times, we will not tell you your vehicle will be 5 minutes if we anticipate this to be longer. We have worked closely with our customers to find areas we can improve. During this process it became apparent to us that by taking the full journey details we can allocate our time better ensuring a smoother service.

We operate a modern text/ring back system. This is good for you as a customer as it not only tells you your car is outside it also gives you the vehicle details. This saves you having to wait outside in the cold and provides some safety so you know the vehicle you are entering is a licensed Five 0 vehicle.  Any queries email: Info@hulltaxisltd.co.uk

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